Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taking care of your wigs!

It doesn't matter how expensive, or inexpensive, the wigs you have are.  You should try your best to take good care of them. Basic wig care is actually very easy for those of you that are new to wigs or afraid to touch them.  You can brush them, style them, and clean them.  The only thing about wigs is that the tools you use on your hair, may not work on wigs.

The big thing is to make sure your wigs are always put away properly.  This means laying flat, nicely tucked in a bag or box, or on a wig head. You may want to brush them out before putting them away.

So a basic is having a brush and comb for your wigs.  You need a wide tooth comb, which you can find almost anywhere.  Wig brushes can be found in local wigs shops and online. Here is what you should look for, or things very similar, when getting your brush and comb.
Don't brush your wigs when they are wet, unless you really know what you are doing or you are trying to repair a severely damaged wig. The general rule is though, never brush when wet.

Next thing you want is oil sheen. It's going to help you detangle and brush your wigs, along with giving them a nice shine.  Cans of this stuff are pretty cheap and again, can be found in wig shops, wal-mart and online.

Now comes to cleaning. Over time, after spraying your wigs bunches of times, styling them, and wearing them, they will need to be washed. You shouldn't use your personal shampoo and conditioner. There are special shampoos and conditioners for wigs.  They have different chemicals that won't react badly with your wigs. 
To wash your wigs, fill your tub or a sink with water and add in some of your shampoo. Dip your wig in the soapy water and swish it around.  Don't do more than swishing it. Once you feel like its nice and clean, empty the sink/tub and rinse your wig thoroughly.  Then take a little conditioner in your hand and just rub it down the wig. Rinse it when you are done. Let it dry by either laying it flat or hanging it up.  Don't put it back on a wig head because the wig cap won't dry properly.

And that's it for basic wig care! Hope it helps! There are plenty of detailed wig tutorials online too!

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