Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome with a little side of introduction.

Hello world. Batsu Sai coming at you with bloggings! I hope to keep this blog focused on cosplay, specifically cosplay in Louisiana. There may be interviews with cosplayer of various ages and skill levels, reviews of cons, cosplay tutorials, and links to various cosplay related stuff on the web.

I have been cosplaying for about 8 years or so now.  I was really into it in high school and made a lot of really bad costumes, but it's all about learning with trial and error. I fell out of it for many years, and have recently picked it back up with more sewing and prop making knowledge. It also helps that I have a job to pay for it now. 

What you won't see from me is multitudes of new costumes every few months.  I tend to only work on a small number of costumes each year, and take my time with each of them. You will get lots of info on the progress of those costumes though, and hopefully some tutorials with them.

Anyway, come back soon as I begin to write these blogs! Check in next time for "Cosplaying on a Budget!"

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