Monday, November 29, 2010

As promised, photos!

This is going to be a photo dump. Yup.

So here is a fromt view of the mock-up of the shorts. Oh, and my wig. I know it's shorter than it should be, but I really didn't want to fight another long ass wig.
From the side.  I decided that the bra came out good enough that I am going to use it, but replace the black with purple and just clean it up.
Here are the front of the pants PVC. I didn't have any problems with the front. It was the back.
This was what I ended up with before cleaning it up some more.  You can see how the back doesn't really make that "V" shape, which I have found out is really hard to do on your butt. The way it was working was if you cut a "v", it would end up being too far down my rear end.  So I ended up with this.  I've hemmed the top of the back since this. 

What do you think? Should I leave them like they are for now or use more fabric and try to get that "V"? Advice? :-)

And to answer your Question fuchslein- Yours should be easier than mine. Faye just has shorts with no special shape. The starfighters have very...Pointy shorts with a weird shape. If you want your shorts to be tight, do them as close to your size as you can, without going over.
So you understand sorta about what I mean by "pointy" shorts.


  1. Whew, thank goodness! I have never worked with pvc before so I was anticipating any difficulties. Thanks for responding. ^^

    With the starfighter shorts...could you make the belt thinger pull the points on the shorts up? Like weird suspenders?
    I'd say go with what you have so far, but if you are personally not satisfied you should rework until you are happy!

  2. I think it's going to turn out great. :) Do you have the other stars as well?

  3. Fuchslein- Oh! I do have a little advice! Don't force the material through the feed. Try not to stretch it too much as it goes through. Just lower the tension a bit so it has room to stretch.

    Yeah, I was thinking that too. That once i add the belt thing I could use it to get the correct pull. Thanks :-D

    Omi- Thanks! My PIC (Partner in Cosplay) is doing Yaten, and we might have a Taiki.