Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ok, so sometime tomorrow I will be posting pictures of the annoying bastards. 

So I made a mock up, but when I made my additions, they were a bit large and for whatever reason, a little off. I have since fixed the problems, but not before cutting a second back portion to my shorts.  Which means I wasted some PVC. BAH. I have spent the last several hours just on those damn shorts.

Because the shorts for Starfighter scoop so low, I ended up having to dart the back of the shorts so they sit correctly without that omg huge flap. Haha.

I know I am fussing now, but I really can be such a perfectionist.  I don't mind though.

All in all though, the shorts won't be the hardest part of this whole thing.....It's going to be the gloves. If anyone knows of any good tutorials for gloves (long ones would be awesome), please comment with a link! 

Anyways, I'll have lots of pictures tomorrow!


  1. Oh shiz, I'm making some pvc shorts for a Faye Valentine outfit and I figured it'd be simple, now I am freaking out because I hate wasting fabric. D: Do you have any tips for it? Or is it just the style of yours that makes them difficult?

  2. I can't wait for the pictures. I'm unable to offer any advice though... I'm a horrible sewer. :<

  3. I had to make cloth and vinyl gloves for Angelic Layer (cloth fingers, vinyl everywhere else....SUPER PAIN). And, I didn't use a tut, just bought a pattern from simplicity that had six different glove types in it and made the longest one a little longer. I can get you the exact number if you want.